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  1. Acoustic Panels

    Acoustic Panels

      This product has superior sound absorption, making it the ideal choice for acoustic panels.It is closed cell polyethylene foam, providingenvironments, which will save you time and money.Its superior noise reduction qualities stand up to the most rigorous applications, such as road and rail traffic & industrial machinery. When you have external conditions to deal with like water,moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorine, air, andsome harsh chemicals, your choices in acoustic solutions arereduced to just a few.This sound absorbing panels are used to control problemswith noise and sound in many indoor and outdoor environments.They can make music sound better, allow people to speak andhear better and provide a safer work environment.This material is easy tofabricate and install, and retains its structure in humid.
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    • Sound Proof Material

      Sound Proof Material

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      • Acoustic Foam

        Acoustic Foam

          Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panel are specially made for special application wherein fire retardant and sound absorption characteristics are required. The foam has NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) value of 0.95. This can be easily glued to other material such as non-woven fabric, Glass fiber, Sun mica, Gypsum sheet, Wall etc. by means of glue. KEY FEATURES Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.95 Light Weight, Pyramid Pattern features larger area for open exposure to sound waves for absorption. Pyramid Foam Acoustic Panel are a best solution to reduce small flutter echo problems in areas like recording studios, audition room, recording room, home theatres or multi-purpose halls Pyramid Foam Acoustic Panel comes in size of 2x2 thickness of 50mm in tile form can be perfectly used on walls ceilings doors windows etc. It can be simply applied on surface using synthetic adhesive. Size Standard 600mm x 600mm/ 915mm x 1830mm or any customized size Thickness 50mm
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        • Acoustics for Classroom/Restaurant Noise -Whisper Foam-Water Retardant & Fire Retardant

          Acoustics for Classroom/Restaurant Noise -Whisper Foam-Water Retardant & Fire Retardant

            https://sealedair.com.au/en-gb/product-care/product-care-products/stratocell-whisper For Classroom Noise: https://sealedair.showpad.com/share/WQa1N7nhlxxruelZGRdLc For Outside Noise: https://sealedair.showpad.com/share/hISAZVHCbO0Q8bdy4jgWh Swimming Pools, in-door games area, auditoriums, etc. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erzRwRC7Gkk Construction noise barrier walls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0Q97EIsQak Railways (Train) and Roadway barrier walls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM2IYOtBEL4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M_mqUZDGt4
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